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"Unlocking Gifts Creatively. Alleviating the Wait."  

 Right Now Education is a creative education agency that aims to unlock the full potential and gifts of educators, youth, and leaders. We aim to provide clear and practical resources, content, and training necessary for successfully launching, learning, and leading in education immediately. 

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 Welcome to Right Now Eduation. I'm Dr. Taylor Dee, the founder. I'm a multi-passionate educator dedicated to unlocking the gifts of amazing humans like you while sharing my love for coaching, writing, singing, and training. The world is waiting. How can I serve you ? 


I help multi-passionate educators 
launch and grow programs, products, and businesses. 


I help children learn and busy teachers teach, through the creation of educational music, videos, and books. 


I help small businesses and early/ primary

leaders enhance programs and leadership.

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