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Need a Speaker or Professional Development?

ChildcAre Programs

  • Program Design 

  • Director Development 

  • Staff Self Care 

  • Building Culture 

  • Team Morale 

  • Lesson Planning

  • Domains of Development

  • Program Administration

  • Program Organization  

Youth Development Programs 

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  • Program Design 

  • Program Leadership 

  • Staff Self Care 

  • Building Culture 

  • Team Morale 

  • Activity Planning

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  • Staff Self Care 

  • Building Culture 

  • Team Morale 

  • Music & Movement in the Classroom

  • Cultivating Future Entrepreneurs 

  • Student Assemblies

  • Author Visits

Conferences/ Events 

  • Keynotes

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Student Workshops

  • Author Visits

  • Music Workshops

  • Performances



I can’t thank you enough for the excellent performance you did this morning for our event. We have been hosting this event for several years and this one was one of our best. You are extremely talented and I know we are very fortunate to be able to have you join us. Below is a link to an album I created. Please feel free to share. I have submitted your invoice but please be patient. It may take a little while.

I really  enjoyed  the training  this morning.  I thought  you were an excellent  speaker,  made me feel appreciated, and you captured  many hearts this morning.  I think you really have  found  your passion in life.  Thanks again for all your time.  and support.   Have a great  week  !!!


I loved the presenter’s high energy and multifaceted approach in presenting! I loved the breakout sessions for us to learn and grow with one another. I enjoyed annotating and having a brain break as well. I loved the way she incorporated her singing into the presentation seamlessly as well. She was very prepared and knowledgeable.

"Great leaders never stop learning. Children need great leaders and great leaders need quality, passionate professional development and inspiration to enhance organizations. I would love to share my expertise, strategies, and energy with your leaders, team, and students. " 

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